Breaking through.

Breaking through.

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I remember the exact words I prayed to God during the New Year’s Eve of 2014. And it has been one of my prayers too during our annual Prayer and Fasting. So I asked God for a breakthrough. I find it too general, so I added, “Father, I ask for a breakthrough in every aspect of my life.” Ha, I know what you’re thinking. But yes, I did ask for it. I mean, who doesn’t want breakthroughs to happen in their lives, right?

And so 2015 came and so were my breakthroughs! But wait, there’s more…

Looking back, I realized that breakthrough is not something that we just sit around and wait for. Breakthroughs happen when we respond to God in obedience to what He has already commanded and already promised. It’s about tearing down the walls that we’ve built for ourselves. Walls that have locked us inside and caused us to limit ourselves from believing for more of God’s goodness and faithfulness. I have learned that every now and then, God would call us to get out from these barriers that prevent us from seeing the beauty of the will of the  Lord.

Breakthrough happens the moment we surrender everything to God and believe that He will come through no matter how impossible and hopeless things may seem (an empty bank account, an unsuccessful career, a tired and weary soul and a broken heart). Laying everything at the feet of Jesus can be difficult and painful at times but it is always worth it. Knowing that all things work together for my good is enough to silence my fearful and anxious heart.

For God alone does the breakthrough. It’s always His job, never ours and He always have wanted to do impossible and incredible things in us, with us and through us.

So I say, 2015 was a wonderful journey with the Lord. I thank Him for constantly pursuing me, revealing Himself to me. I’m thankful for every answered and unanswered prayers and for all the grievous and joyous moments that He has allowed me to go through, all for His glory. And yes, Jesus came through my 2015 and I’m excited for a whole new year of journeying with Him this 2016.

A blessed New Year, everyone! 😀


One thought on “Breaking through.

  1. Nice rae! Happy new year! And expect greater things to come this year! Expect, declare and receive! Always remember that even if you dont see me so often there at home, even if you dont hear the words you want to hear from me, im here sitting on the side bench (with Jesus) cheering you on! Lol Will always be proud of you and ola. Knowing you dont have to go through my footsteps is already a satisfying feeling. Great job! Love lots,


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